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Revolutionizing the Men’s Grooming Industry

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Our mission is simple: We Empower Confident Gentlemen to Change the World.

For this reason, we are not in the haircut business, we are in the business of selling a feeling. Every gentleman can attest that when you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you perform at your best.

How it all began:

People often worry they’ll offend us when confessing a previous aversion to salons and barbershops. Such a notion, however, couldn’t be more displaced. Rather, their feelings are in very good company—as it happens we feel the exact same way.

The Gents Place all began because one of our founders, Ben Davis, was the number one proprietor of this sentiment. From meetings with clients to evenings with his family, Ben had endless priorities ahead of spending an hour with a smock around his neck.

Rather than accepting his grooming experiences, Ben, and his wife Lauren, decided to redefine them. Our first Gents Place club location opened in 2008 and became a place where distinguished gentlemen could gather for conversation and drinks while receiving luxury grooming services.

Today, The Gents Place team is united by our shared vision for the brand: to empower gentlemen with the confidence to realize their next great achievement. Through our culture of servant leadership and complete dedication to delivering world-class service to our guests, we appeal to polished gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. Our menu of services includes everything from haircuts and styles to straight razor shaves, hand and foot repair treatments, and shoe shines.

Life is not an errand, nor should we treat it as such. When it prompts us to attend a task with regularity, we might as well attend to it while surrounded by like-minded gentlemen, complimentary top-shelf drinks, and curated advice. Such is the path to looking our best, feeling our best, and becoming our best.


Meet Our Founders

Ben and Lauren Davis founded The Gents Place in 2008 in the midst of the Great Recession, receiving an SBA loan just two weeks before Lehman Brothers collapsed (largest bankruptcy in U.S. history). The business idea started with Ben hating to get his haircut so much he would get it cut twice as short as he wanted so he didn’t have to come back for twice as long! After considering buying into franchise opportunities, the Davis’ decided to strike out on their own and revolutionize the industry with a new membership-based business model that focused on building a community of like-minded gentlemen. While Ben worked on the financing and legal paperwork required to get their business of the ground, Lauren cast a vision of what The Gents Place would look and feel like for their guests, including the intricate details of design, space planning, and construction budgeting and management. Then, they were off to the races with the opening of their flagship club location in Frisco, TX.

They have worked together to scale The Gents Place business nationally over the years, with each wearing as many hats as necessary to make the business an ultimate success. Today, Ben serves as President and Lauren as Chief Culture Officer, including managing all design and construction projects nationwide. The Davis family and our incredibly talented and loyal team members welcome you to our home and hope you enjoy The Gents Place as much as we do. We are here to serve.

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