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Our mission is simple: We empower gentlemen with the confidence they need to change the world.

For this reason, we are not in the haircut business, we are in the business of selling a feeling. Every gentleman can attest that when you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you perform at your best.

How it all began:

People often worry they’ll offend us when confessing a previous aversion to salons and barbershops. Such a notion, however, couldn’t be more displaced. Rather, their feelings are in very good company—as it happens we feel the exact same way.

The Gents Place all began because our founder, Ben Davis, was the number one proprietor of this sentiment. From meetings with clients to evenings with his family, Ben had endless priorities ahead of spending an hour with a smock around his neck.

Rather than accepting his grooming experiences, Ben decided to redefine them. Our first Gents Place location opened in 2008 and became a place where distinguished gentlemen could gather for conversation and drinks while receiving luxury grooming services.

Today, The Gents Place team is united by our shared vision for the brand: to empower gentlemen with the confidence to realize their next great achievement. Through our culture of servant leadership and complete dedication to delivering world-class service to our guests, we appeal to polished gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. Our menu of services includes everything from haircuts and styles to straight razor shaves, hand and foot repair treatments, and shoe shines.

Life is not an errand, nor should we treat it as such. When it prompts us to attend a task with regularity, we might as well attend to it while surrounded by like-minded gentlemen, complimentary top-shelf drinks, and curated advice. Such is the path to looking our best, feeling our best, and becoming our best.

Meet Our Founder


Ben Davis is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio, he has mainly invested in the confidence and refinement of gentlemen everywhere.

In 2008, out of frustration with his past experiences, Ben founded The Gents Place and cultivated men’s grooming into an enjoyable experience featuring world-class services in an upscale environment. This next-level of men’s grooming quickly received attention nationwide and continues to grow as a leader in the industry.

Since attending the University of Texas at Austin Red McCombs School of Business and the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Ben has earned national recognition in Forbes, GQ, Men’s Health, and the Dallas Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Awards” for his success in turning the underserved niche of men’s grooming into an expanding commodity.

His guiding doctrine is a contagious philosophy that men who look their best do their best, and Ben has a steadfast devotion to helping men achieve this.

From the beginning, Ben has been clear that we are not selling a haircut; we are in the business of making men feel like confident, well-connected gentlemen ready to take on the world. At The Gents Place, we want to be a part of your success story.

If you ever feel that we at The Gents Place have not lived up to the standards we have set for your experiences with us, our founder encourages you to reach out directly so he can personally make it right. You can contact Ben Davis at


Vision & Purpose



We Change the World by
Changing Lives.



We Make Men Look and Feel
Their Most Confident Best, and Confident Men Change the World.



We Provide World Class
Grooming Services and Products and We Engage in Positive and Empowering Conversations ALWAYS About YOU.

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Country club meets speakeasy in our exclusive
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Our Values

The Gents Place culture is about living out our values and attracting members to our community that

believe in what we believe in:

Attitudes Are
Contagious, Spread Good

Serve first

With Love

Hard Work Yields Opportunities

Focus on solutions

Direct, Compassionate Communication

Grow With

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Enjoy The Journey


Be your

Work With Passion


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