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Donation Request

The Gents Place enjoys serving our guests and supporting the communities
that surround our clubs.

We donate to charities that benefit the local communities of our establishments. All requests must be submitted via the form below to be considered for a donation. Due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible to honor every request made; however, we are committed to helping with every opportunity we can.

Also, please note the following to ensure your request is processed as quickly and accurately as possible:

  • Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event or deadline requested.
  • Preference is giving to not-for-profit organizations, although we will consider other organizations that enhance our local communities.
  • A maximum of one request per calendar year will be fulfilled per organization.
  • The Gents Place cannot make financial contributions or donations that benefit only one individual or family.
  • Donations are not automatically renewed or assumed. Each submission is evaluated on a first-time basis and will not be approved based solely on a prior year’s participation.

Donation Request

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