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Haircuts for Our Homeless

We are here to serve our communities

Each of our clubs is embedded in our local communities, and we are here to serve. We understand that it takes a village to raise our youth and that those less fortunate than us deserve a helping hand. That's why we donate our time each month at Austin Street Center in Downtown Dallas, a homeless and rehabilitation shelter that is focused on uplifting those in need and transforming their lives. We operate a pop-up barbershop and have provided over 2000 services for those experiencing homelessness. Check out one of our recent events:

If you have a charity organization, event, or cause that positively impacts the communities we serve and want The Gents Place to be involved, please get in touch!

In the Dallas area and want to make a BIG difference by volunteering with us? Fill out the volunteer form here to get started.

For donation requests: https://thegentsplace.com/donations/