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Welcome to America’s Ultra Premium Men’s Grooming and Lifestyle Club. Our Members are a community of like-minded gentlemen with a common set of beliefs. We believe that when a gentleman looks and feels his best, he performs his best. This applies to every aspect of his life; business, family, relationships. We also believe that how you show up to the world and to yourself is your personal brand and that The Gents Place is in the best position to help gentlemen manage and enhance this brand.

Membership at The Gents Place is about doing just that. We guarantee that after joining the club, we will ensure you consistently look and feel your best whenever you are in our presence. Your time at Gents will help you refocus on the best moments of your life through empowering conversations with our professionals who are always here to serve you, not themselves.

Preview our membership programs below, and don’t hesitate to email us at members@thegentsplace.com if we can help you in any way.

3 Course Club

If you are looking for a high quality, efficient and tailored hair service to meet your exact needs, the 3 Course is it for you. An efficient 30 minute service from our grooming professional that will ensure you consistently look and feel your most confident best.

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5 Course Club

This is the perfect plan for a gentleman that is looking for something more. It includes our 5 Course Service, which adds a relaxing scalp massage and face refresher to our 3 Course, all in less than a 45 minute time block.

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7 Course Club

Want to really escape reality on each visit to Gents? Opt for this plan to enjoy our 7 Course Service, which is a one-hour stress reducing getaway that includes a relaxing hair and spa experience all in one.

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