I just wanted to speak directly to you about what we are doing here at The Gents Place. Whether you are a current member or a gentleman considering us for the first time, I welcome you into our community.

This community stands for something.

We believe that when a man looks and feels his best, he does his best. He does his best in his work, his friendships, his family and in achieving his dreams. Thus, The Gents Place exists to ensure that you look and feel your best during each experience so you can go out and conquer the world.

We also believe that how a man shows up to the world and himself is his Personal Brand. Your brand is your reputation and this reputation precedes you in all your business dealings and personal relationships. Our commitment is that The Gents Place will guarantee to manage your Personal Brand impeccably well so that you always show up to every situation confident and ready to win.

If you ever feel we have not lived up to the standards we have set for your experiences with us, contact me directly at bdavis@thegentsplace.com.

At your service,
Ben Davis
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